•Only use WARM TAP WATER (Not Cold,Filtered or Distilled water).


• For misting, make sure to add the water just BELOW THE FILL LINE. If you are not getting any mist, pour out the water and refill the unit 1 inch below the fill line, then add more water after the unit starts misting.


• KEEP THE DIFFUSER CLEAN: After every use, unplug the diffuser and clean it with equal parts of vinegar and hot water. Use the brush provided or a Q tip to clean the disc opening at the bottom of the of the diffuser and the water sensor.


•For safety place the unit on a surface that is water-resistant. Consider using a water-resistant place mat or tray to under the diffuser/mister or humidifier.



Every product is shipped with an operating and safety manual. If you lose it simply download the appropriate instructions for your product. These manuals contain assembly instructions and troubleshooting tips.


SpaVapor Instruction Manual

AquaMist Instruction Manual

SpaMister Instruction Manual



Frequently Asked Questions  Answers:


nosmell & bagout oders

Activated charcoal odor neutralizer


Activated Charcoal is scented with pure essential oils and are not to be eaten in any form. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

•Greenair  Charcoal is housed in a waterproof canister to insure that there is no essential oil leakage onto tabletops or surfaces. Even after the scent is gone the activated charcoal keeps working eliminating odors for many additional months.


•The nosmell decor canister can be reused for most any storage purpose just be sure to discard the  interior charcoal bags and wash and dry the canister before using it. Some suggested alternate usages: change bank, button box, paper clip or pin box. Small craft ribbon and sticker storage box. The empty canister is not to be used for any type of food storage as the lid has drill holes and items will dry out.



The essential oils and plant extracts used in creating Greenair's Fragrances they are not to be ingested. Please keep away from children and pets. Wipe up spills carefully as they can damage wooded and other surfaces. Wash hands well after handling the oils. Oils can stain fine fabrics so if using on table cloths

stand on a glass or porcelain dish. If ingested call your local Poison Control Center.





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